Can’t wait for the new season to start? We asked our scouting department to share some thoughts about the upcoming season.


First, we will have a look at our newly formed second team: FC Germania/Akademie has been drawn into Group 4 of league “Kutonen” (seventh division). Although they will play their first-ever season in 2021, some of the opponents are well-known as our first team faced them in their promotion season 2019. Such teams are the diplomat team of HDS/Express, Kurvin Vauhti/Partiz, Toukolan Teräs/Keparoi, and Helsingin Ponnistus/2 (previously known as Ponnistus/Peruskallio). Especially the matches against Kurvin Vauhti /Partiz will be a real test for the new FC Germania/Akademie team as they just missed promotion last season. The group is completed with the unknown teams of Etu-Töölön Urhot, FC POHU/Shrimps, HJK Helsinki/Töölön Ihme, Helsingin Kullervo/Überkleber, and FC Tavasti/FC Mojo. If everything goes according to plan, the season will start at the end of April with two games played against each opponent.


Suomen Palloliitto

Eteläinen Alue – Miesten Kutonen / Group 4

Teams: 10

First game of the season: 26.4 – 28.4

More info:…/miesten…/tilastotgroup=4