FC Germania Helsinki on the way into the fourth division

FC Germania showed that they came well prepared and ready out of the sumer break by securing their first win against HJK/Yellow. However, there was little time for celebration as the game against table leader HePu was due only five days afterwards and our team wanted to make it better than right before the summer break.

The game had everything a good showdown between first and second place should include; dedicated players, great chances on both sides and lots of emotions. Not undeserved and after some good chances, FC Germania Helsinki, took the lead early and with a 1:0 in the back, a slight advantage was visible. The ball, however, didn’t want to get into the net again. It took until the 70th minute in which FC Germania scored the second goal in a counter attack, as the opponent tried to increase the pressure. Also, the opponent did not give up and even game back by scoring one late goal. However, this time it was not enough and Germania took the win as well as securing the first place in the table.

Fueled by the important win, the team increased their lead in the table with a 4:0 win against Etu-Töölön Urheilot. From the first minute, the squad took control of the match with some early chances and two early goals. However, the opponent certainly didn’t lack confidence and effort, despite having limited substitutes available as they had some great chances. A good defensive effort and two late goals sealed a clear win.

A close game against Tavastia and a clear win against FC POHU/Simpsons sealed a recording breaking august. 15 points out of five games with an impressive 12 goals scored. However, what has been at least equally important was the strong collective defensive efforts leading to only one goal perceived in the whole month.

At the end of August FC Germania is leading the league with 9 points difference between them and second placed HePu. There are only four games left in the regular season and the team finishing first is directly booking a spot in the fourth division Nelonen next year. Even though anything can happen in football, our team has it in their own hands and is only milimeters away from achieving the promotion. 

Last games

  • WIN 3.8 20:15 FC Germania 2-0 HJK/Yellow
  • WIN 8.8. 20:20 HePu 1-2. FC Germania
  • WIN 17.8. 18:15 Etu-Töölön Urhot 0-4 FC Germania
  • WIN 22.8. 20:20 FC Germania 1-0 Tavastia
  • WIN 31.8. 20:15 FC POHU/Simpsons 0-3 FC Germania

Upcoming games

  • KE 7.9 20:20 FC Germania vs. Colo-Colo
  • KE 14.9. 20:20 Vesa/Töölö vs. FC Germania
  • TO 22.9. 20:15 Ellas vs. FC Germania
  • MA 27.9. 20:15 FC Germania vs. FC Kiffen/2

All games: FC Germania (palloliitto.fi)

League table

FC Germania Helsinki 2015 finishing regular season at top spot

With an impressive winning series after the summer break, the ambitious hobby team secured the group victory in Miehet Harraste Vitonen Etelä 1 on the last matchday. The 4-1 win against LeJa/KKI on the popular, newly prepared Brahenkenttä in Kallio with goals from Pasi Lammassaari, Markku Keskinen, Giorgio Mendolia and Gerhard Fink was at no time really threatened. 

The deserved group victory (most goals and fewest goals conceded) – already the second in the team’s history – was celebrated extensively in the legendary bar “Roskapankki” after the match. Ville Rintala (11 goals), Stefan Müller (6) and Markku Keskinen (5) occupy the podium places in the internal scorers’ list. 

The amateur team has thus also reached the play-offs of the 16 best of 78 teams. The first play-off game is scheduled for mid-September. 

Last games

  • WIN 31.8. FC LeJa/KKI 1-4 FC Germania Hki 2015
  • WIN 25.8. FC Germania Hki 2015 5-1 FC Onnellinen loppu
  • WIN 20.8. FC Germania Hki 2015 2-1 CLE/Wifi 2
  • WIN 17.8. FC Pelle 1-3 FC Germania Hki 2015
  • LOSS 9.8 FC Germania Hki 2015 0-1 FC Peppan
  • WIN 4.8. AiPa 0-6 FC Germania Hki 2015

All games: FC Germania Hki 2015 (palloliitto.fi)

League table 

Next games

Playoffs (to be confirmed)

Academy with solid performances but no points

Only three games in August for our academy team and unfortunately three losses as well. However, losing 0 – 2 against table leader FC Inter Vuosaari and 0 – 3 against third placed FC Kontu/Kupa show, that FC Germania/Akademie has stabilized its performance compared to the beginning of the season. Also, our team is able to create in every game good plays and some chances, even though some more efficiency is needed in front of the goal to turn those efforts into actual points. Still, with five games still coming also against opponents more from the lower end of the table, our academy has still all possibilities to give the last spot to another team.

All games FC Germania/Akademie (palloliitto.fi)

Last games 

  • LOSS  4.8 FC Germania/Akademie 1-3 FC Fortuna/Itä
  • LOSS 15.8. FC Inter Vuosaari 2-0 FC Germania/Akademie
  • LOSS 22.8. FC Germania/Akademie 0-3 FC Kontu/Kupa

Upcoming games

  • MA 5.9 19:40 ToTe/Tapio vs. FC Germania/Akademie
  • PE 9.9. 18:00 Chicken Wings/2 vs. FC Germania/Akademie
  • TO 15.9. 19:40 FC Germania/Akademie vs. Wartti/Wild Boars
  • TI 20.9. 20:40 FC Babylon/2 vs. FC Germania/Akademie
  • KE28.9. 18:00 FC Germania/Akademie vs. Ponnistus/Kerma

League table