1. Outlook 2023
  2. News from the FCGH Board
  3. News from our teams
  4. Call for Sponsors / Supporting Members
  5. Other topics

Outlook 2023

Comparing to the previous year we are happy that the pandemic no longer places restrictions on our football practice and social interactions. On the other hand new challenges have arisen, such as the significant cost increase for training pitches due to the energy crisis.

On the positive side, our 1st team is going to compete for the first time in Finland’s fifth highest league “Miesten Nelonen” starting this April, after successful promotion in 2022. To this end, our Sporting Director Lennart has been working hard to further strengthen the squad.

Our other two adult teams will keep on playing in Kutonen (Akademie team) and Helsinki’s hobby league (7er). The FC Germania kids will keep on learning German and football in a playful way, they will also compete against their peers.

On the 1st of April we will receive a team of Långholmen football club from Stockholm for a friendly match in Helsinki. It seems that we have a lot in common with this team once founded by ex-pats as well.

Once again, we will also organise a number of social events to bring together our members, their families and our supporters. Key events include our FC Germania Family Day on June 10, the Season Ending Event on October 14 and our Annual Assembly on November 11.

We are very grateful that our three main sponsors Bruhn Spedition, Hetzner and Deutsche Schule Helsinki keep on supporting us in 2023 as well. In addition, we are looking for new sponsors and supporting members to help tackle our growing sporting challenges.

Best wishes for 2023!

News from the FCGH Board

At our last annual meeting on 26 November 2022 a new FCGH Board was elected for 2023. The following seven fellow members are now looking after the daily management of our club:

  • Tim Becker, Chairman
  • David Wunder, Vice-Chairman
  • Niklas Becker, Treasurer
  • Oliver Boldt, Team Manager 7er
  • Manuel Paul, Youth Coordinator
  • Lennart Schmitz, Sporting Director 11ers
  • Konsta Oikonomides, Key Operations Manager

If you want to get in touch, please use our contact form.
The only “newcomer” in the Board is Manuel Paul. He is replacing Andreas Jank who moved abroad for a while. Simon Schultheis resigned from the Board, but keeps supporting our new Treasurer Niklas on certain tasks.

News from our teams

First team with preparations for the first season in Nelonen
After the successful promotion to Nelonen of the first team and the enduring last season, both 11er teams have used the winter months to get together on the training pitch and prepare for next season. While our first team will start in the Suomen regions cup as well as Miesten Nelonen, for the first time of the clubs history, the Academy team will be set to start like last year in Miesten Kutonen. Both teams will have a tough season ahead, but especially for the first team the next season will be challenging, as Nelonen is significantly tougher to play in than Miesten Vitonen and comes with its own set of challenges. There’s still a lot of work ahead for the team and the coaches, to get the team to a point where they need to be in order to perform on their highest level. Until the season beginning in April, the team will also compete in the Talvisarja, a small competition consisting of 3 matches against equal strong opponents, all playing in Nelonen. These 3 matches will provide a great opportunity for the team to get to know the level of Nelonen but will also enable the new players to get to know their teammates on the pitch.

Mixing 11er and 7er players for joint winter league 
We decided in early autumn to go for the winter league on the small field with players from all adult teams of 11ers and 7ers. There are now already 4 games behind us, and we can say that this approach has been a major success. The fun and passion during these games have been outstanding. Both the skill and age mix have resulted in excellent football at times, against very tough opponents, as it was expected in this league. Now, we have still 3 league games left to also turn the game result into a first victory for us. After couple of very tight games, it is only a question of time, when the luck shall be on our side … maybe already against Moseeksen Potku on February 4!

Also our kids active this winter
The winter season is going well for the kids so far.
We started well in the winter league with great results on the last match day and we have a lively participation of the kids in the matches.
The indoor training in the hall and auditorium of the German School and the sports hall in Metropolia Myllypuro is well attended again after the holidays.
At the moment we have six coaches and they have their work cut out for them as we are increasingly dividing the large group into ability and year groups to better suit each individual.
The team is gradually growing and we cover a wide range of footballing ability within the 2017 – 2015 year groups, with the emphasis on fun for all children.
We are delighted that parents support their children so well in their hobby and find their way to us at least once every week.
If you know of any families or children who would be interested in joining our team, please contact Manuel ( or Markku, Pasi, Michael Cz, Wolfgang or Felix.

We are looking for new sponsors and supporting members

Because of significant cost increase for training pitches due to the energy crisis and additional costs that occur due to the promotion of our first team into the fourth division, we are actively looking for firms and private persons that can support our club for the upcoming season.

Call for sponsors
FC Germania is an international and rapidly growing football club from Helsinki, Finland with more than 100 members. We are excited to announce that our first team has been promoted to the fourth division last season. We are now looking for additional sponsors to join our team of supporters. We have a strong fan base here in Helsinki but also in Germany, weekly several games during the season, an active social media presence, and live streaming of matches of our first team. Different forms of sponsorship are possible and we are happy to discuss an involvement based on your ideas. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at

Also we need more supporting members
Calling all football enthusiasts! FC Germania is looking for dedicated supporters to join our team of supporting members. By becoming a supporting member, you will be making a valuable contribution to our club and helping us to continue to provide high-quality football to our community. As a supporting member, you will be asked to pay a yearly fee of 50 euros. In return, you will invitations to some of our club-related events, merchandise discounts, and behind-the-scenes access to everything happening. Support FC Germania and become a part of our community today! To join, you can visit our fanshop directly via or contact

Other topics

Players license (pelipassi)

Remember, that the license has to be valid for players who want to participate in matches of the Miesten Suomen Cup (MSC 2023), Miehet Nelonen (M4) or Miehet Kutonen (M6) league. Please follow the information posted in MyClub and get in contact with Konsta in case you have any problems.

Blood donation

Veriryhmä “FC Germania Helsinki” will be also active in 2023.
Also this year we are planning to help other people by donating blood.
Therefore we are going to continue organizing regular visits at the SPR veripalvelu with our blood group “FC Germania Helsinki”.
For them who are interested in joining please get in touch with Konsta and look out for the events posted in MyClub.

Our Sponsors

A big thank you to our main sponsors who are supporting us again in 2023.