11 vs 11

The summer season is about to start for our first team, which will play its first match in the Miesten Nelonen on Thursday 20 April, which will also be the first match in this league in the club’s history. The Academy team will also play their first match on Sunday 23 April.

Both teams have had the opportunity to test themselves against opponents of a similar level in recent weeks in order to prepare well for the new season. Despite good performances by both teams in these test matches, the results were mostly sobering. The first team in particular was shown in these games that this higher league will be of a completely different caliber than in the Miesten Vitonen.

At the end of the winter season, both teams met again at a training camp followed by a sauna. This camp, as well as the last training sessions, showed once again how much the boys are on fire and are looking forward to starting the season in a fitting manner and competing with their opponents. So there will be a lot of excitement and fight this season.

Upcoming league games:

FC Germania – Nelonen

FC Germania/Akademie – Kutonen

7 vs 7

On Friday 14 April, the summer season officially started for the 7s team with the first training outside at KäPa. We had to leave our winter hall a little earlier than usual due to renovation work. Summer training will take place on Fridays from 7.30pm to 9pm, just like last year.

The first game of the hobby league is already scheduled. On Thursday 27.4. we will meet Valtion Polttoaine at 18.45 on our beloved pitch in Kallio. This year we are playing one division higher, so we have been promoted virtually because of our championship in our group last year. The team is ready to take on this new challenge with joyful anticipation.

On Sunday 16.4, we had a very successful dress rehearsal with a 5:3 victory against our now close friends from China. China will also start this year for the first time with a team in the hobby league, and even in the same division as us, but in a different group. Both teams would be equally happy to meet again in the playoffs in autumn.

Upcoming league games:

FC Germania Hki 2015 – Harraste Vitonen


Our children’s football team is successful in the winter league – next month it’s off to the outdoors!

Dear parents, coaches and friends of our children’s football team, we hope you are well and enjoying the slowly warming weather. We would like to give you an update on our team’s winter league successes and upcoming plans.

Firstly, we would like to share our excitement about the excellent performances of our little footballers in the Winter League. We are proud to say that our team won almost all of their games! Thank you to everyone (coaches, parents, children) who made this success possible. We train and play for the fun of football and the success for the great playing kids is a great reward.

The last game of the winter league season will be over by the time this newsletter reaches you. We are confident that our players will give their best in this game as well.

We are looking forward to training outside again from May. The fresh air and beautiful weather will certainly provide additional motivation.
Our team currently has players from the 2015 to 2018 age groups, and we are always on the lookout for new interested children to further expand and strengthen our team. Therefore, we welcome anyone who can advertise and make potential new players aware of our team. Every new player is a valuable addition to our team! Especially for the younger ones (2017 – 2018), we can then make good use of a couple of newcomers.

FCGH Fanshop

We have restocked our fan shop a bit and in time for the summer we now have new products like t-shirts, water bottles, gym bags, caps, and much more. We will bring the different products to some of the trainings and games, so please let us know if you need something. Shipping is always possible on request.

Click here to go to the fanshop.

FCGH Events

Thu 18/05/2023 – The walking dad
On Thu 18/05/2023 (Helatorstai, it’s a public holiday) we’ll have our traditional stroll through the city in combination with some cold beverages and bbq. This year’s route will start at Kamppi around 12:00, we’ll pass the Koffin puisto, then we’ll continue in the direction to Jätkäsaari where we’ll stop by at a public bbq place. Please bring whatever you want to grill, BYOB, also plates, cups, cutlery, etc if needed. We need also few bags of charcoal. The participants will agree this later.

To have an overview of the number of participants please sign in on MyClub.

Sat 10/06/2023 – Family day 2023
Also this year we’ll have the family day at the KäPa terrace. The event starts right after the kids’ training which ends at 11:30 at the Vallilanlaakson kenttä (Elisabeth Kochin Tie 3). All members with their families, spouses, etc are warmly welcome! There’ll be fun games for everybody, the grill be heated up and few beverages will be organised as well. If you have some ideas for the games or you own some outdoor game (eg Mölkky) please be free to take it with you.

Information about the catering will follow.

Clothing: acc to the weather condition

To have an overview of the number of participants please sign in on MyClub and add a comment with how many persons you’ll join.

Beachparty in 08/2023
The Beachparty is preliminary scheduled for Sat 12/08/2023. As in the years before the venue is at the Helsinki’s Copacabana also known as Hietaranta / Hietsu near the outdoor gym. In the case the weather condition is not suitable for a party at the beach, the event will either be postponed or an alternative will be organized.
What you can expect from the day is cold drinks, games, music, best company all day long.

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