FC Germania (11 vs 11)

The first half of our first season in Miesten Nelonen is completed and one can definitely say that the level of Miesten Nelonen is a clear step up to that of Miesten Vitonen. The first matches and results paint a clear picture of this difference as FC Germania has lost their first 5 matches. To many it already seemed as if this first season would become also the last one in this league. However, the team and their new headcoach Lukas never gave up hope and continued to fight and believe in themselves. And with a few additions to the squad during the season, the team has managed to get their first win against RiRa on Matchday 6. Looking back one can mark this moment as a turning point as it was the first victory of three in a row. And while the performances as well as the results have improved significantly towards the end of the season, there is still a long, but exciting way ahead in the upcoming second part of the season. Only the future will tell whether or not the chapter of Miesten Nelonen continues also in the next season or whether it is a short-lived one. But the focus and goal is clear for everyone involved – FC Germania is here to stay.


FC Germania/Akademie (11 vs 11)

This season is already the third season for our Academy team in Finland’s seventh division, Miesten Kutonen. However, the first two seasons haven’t always been a success story, so it was important to show in this season that the team is indeed able to compete in this league. And the season started off in a very promising way with a few good performances and the first win on Matchday 2. However, things started to go a little downhill with some heavy losses. But the team didn’t lose hope and focused on getting the performance from the first matches back onto the pitch. And with a few additions to the team, they didn’t have to wait long for things to improve with 3 very good performances and two consecutive ties in the last matches. Now the team is enjoying a few weeks of summer break to get their mind clear and focus on continuing this upwards trend also in the second half of the season.


FC Germania Hki 2015 (7 vs 7)

The first half of the summer season is already again almost behind us. Our Friday training sessions are held mostly during great weather and are, as expected, great fun for everyone. This year we are playing one division higher in the hobby league, which is reflected in the quality of our opponents. Nevertheless, we go into the summer break in the league in the upper half of the table. While the defense allowed as little as last year, the attack first had to get on track with scoring some goals against better opponents. Above all, the 6:2 victory in the last game against HC Pintahiki gives us hope that the spell has finally been broken.


For our kids, the winter season has ended well and it is with great joy that we are finally training outside again.

To celebrate the great games and the successful participation in the winter league, as well as the whole team and the spring, we had a small picnic after training on a beautiful Saturday in May. Thanks to a great turnout of parents we had grilled sausages, salads, drinks, and just about everything. While all of us had a great few hours together, the focus was on the appreciation of the great development of our kids, who were allowed to take home a well-filled FC Germania candy bag.

Everyone really enjoys the outdoor training. Since Juhannus, however, we have only been “on the back burner” because of the holidays. Hopefully not too long, because we are really looking forward to the first big tournament of the autumn season – the Pingviini Cup. For the first time, we will be playing with two teams.

To all those who are still reading, a small request:
We are always happy to hear from boys and girls born between 2018 and 2015 who would like to play football with us. Advertise for us and send interested parties to the FC Germania website or to manuel@fcgermania.fi.