We are an international soccer club with German roots from Helsinki, Finland.

Born out of a “crazy idea” in 2015, FC Germania Helsinki is now a registered club with more than 100 members, committed sponsors and supporters and its own fan club.

At that time we chose the name FC “Germania” Helsinki as Germany’s international name with a high recognition value. The colors of the home and away jerseys were chosen, on the one hand, to incorporate the national colors blue and white of the host country Finland and, on the other hand, to be similar to the clothing of German teams.

In the meantime we have changed from a team of Germans living here to an international association with German roots. The club has been a member of the Finnish Football Association since 2018.

In 2023 we have three adult teams and a kids team. We play with one team each in the fifth (Nelonen) and seventh league (Kutonen), as well as in the hobby league 7vs7. We also offer weekly soccer training in German for boys and girls of pre-school age.

Racism is unacceptable, always and everywhere! We pride ourselves on our fellowship with members from all over the world. FC Germania Helsinki lives diversity and stands up against racism!

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